Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update for the Saturday, April 19th planting

The seedlings are in and waiting for planting. Everything is a go and the weather for the weekend looks great. Be CERTAIN to check your email before setting out to your preferred planting site just in case of an unlikely rain delay.

Don’t forget your list of things to bring:
  • Gloves if you need them
  • Shoes with traction on the bottom to prevent slipping (if we have had rain it might be a little muddy)
  • A spade (we’ll plant in groups, so one per every two planters is fine)
  • Plastic milk containers for watering trees as you plant, if you have them.
  • A beverage if you’ll need one … pop, juice, water.
  • A walking stick might be helpful on the uneven ground.
  • A clippers or hand pruner (if you have one) to trim long roots.
Remember there will be NO restroom facilities.

See the information for getting to the Good Counsel and North Mankato sites below.

When you arrive at either site you will be asked to sign-in with the time you arrive and sign out with the time when you leave so we can keep track of total volunteer hours for the purpose of future grants for planting. A volunteer at the site will have a sign-in sheet. Drummers Nursery has donated 15 prizes to be given out by random selection from the sign-in sheets so signing-in will make you eligible!

A master gardener will then instruct you as to correct planting procedures before you enter the planting site. See you Saturday the 19th!

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