Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 19th Planting Information

Planting sites are finalized. Directions are as follows for Saturday, April 19th, 8:00 to noon:

For the Good Counsel Site:
From North Riverfront drive just south of the Hwy 14 interchange turn onto Good Counsel Drive and go up the hill. As you make the curve to the right you will see a volunteer directing you to a parking location. The actual planting site will be directly behind the volunteer.
For the North Mankato Site:
Go to Upper North Mankato and find Howard Drive. Turn west on Howard Drive and proceed to North Mankato Fire Station #2 (1825 Howard Drive). Park in the parking lot and wait for the shuttle bus to take you to the planting site. For safety reasons, MNDOT will NOT permit anyone to stop along Hwy 14 to reach the planting site, so you must take the bus from the parking lot. When you are done planting the bus will shuttle you back to your car at the fire station.
When you arrive at either site you will be asked to sign-in with the time you arrive and sign out with the time when you leave so we can keep track of total volunteer hours for the purpose of future grants for planting. A volunteer at the site will have a sign-in sheet.

A master gardener will then instruct you as to correct planting procedures before you enter the planting site.

Bring with you:
  • Gloves if you need them
  • Shoes with traction on the bottom to prevent slipping
  • A spade
  • Plastic milk containers for watering trees as you plant, if you have them.
  • A beverage if you’ll need one… pop, juice, water.
If you have not yet responded to the following questions please do so now:
  1. Team leader contact name:
  2. Approximate number of planters in your group:
  3. Site for your group: (Either Good Counsel site or North Mankato Hwy 14 site)
  4. Approximate time that you would like to plant on Saturday: (Between 8:00 and noon)
  5. Will you be able to help with thistle control this summer? (Late July to walk the hill and cut off mature thistle before they go to seed)
Do any of you have first aid training? Would you be willing to handle scrapes or cuts that a planter might accidentally incur? Let me know so we might use your skills at one of the planting sites.

Please respond to Malda Farnham at 507-345-7339 or via email.

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